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Are you searching for that perfect photographer who understands how special your love story really is? Look no further, because I'm Selena, and I'm not just your go-to couples' photographer; I'm your solution to all those wedding photography worries that have been keeping you up at night.

You've probably pictured your wedding day countless times. The laughter, the stolen glances, the adventures you'll take on together as a couple – these moments are priceless, and you want them to be captured in a way that's true to you. That's where I come in. With a special knack for capturing the true essence of your love story, I ensure that every photograph captures the emotions, the excitement, and the love that make your bond one-of-a-kind.

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entry 06. meeting your new photographer

welcome to the brotzman family

Everything I do is to make sure you're as comfortable as you can be behind the camera - I want you to have photos that you LOVE.

Here's the thing that sets me apart: I'm not just another photographer. I'm your partner in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Worried about looking stiff and posed in your photos? Don't be. I'm all about encouraging you to be 100% yourselves. I won't mold you into someone you're not; instead, I'm here to celebrate everything that makes you and your partner special.

Have you ever been concerned that your photographer might feel like an outsider at your wedding, missing those intimate moments that truly matter? With me, that's a worry you can put to rest. I'll be right there, seamlessly blending into your day, ensuring that not a single precious moment goes undocumented. Think of me as the storyteller of your love story, capturing your most cherished memories as they unfold naturally.

Worried about those awkward photo sessions where you're unsure how to pose or where to look?  I'm not just about clicking pictures; I'm about creating an experience. Together, we'll craft the perfect scenes, just like your favorite movie, and I'll be there to capture those "movie stills" that will leave you breathless. No need to be camera-shy – I'll keep you and your partner engaged with each other throughout the session, ensuring that every image radiates the love and connection you share.

I'm selena!

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My collection of a million different coffee cups. It might sound a little quirky, but each cup has its own unique charm! And you know what? Coffee is pretty special to me too. It's not just a drink; it's something I enjoy every single day. The smell of coffee in the morning is like a warm hug, and that first sip is like a friendly greeting during my quiet times.


If I had to pick a season that's most like me, it would be autumn. It's all about feeling cozy and comfortable – picture soft candlelight, warm sweaters and hats, and the inviting scent of hot chocolate or coffee in the air. Plus, the trees turn bright red, orange, and gold, like a painting come to life. 


I can't pick a favorite song because I really enjoy way too much music! When I'm editing, I like to listen to calm, simple tunes. But when I'm driving with the windows down, country music just feels right! And sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I love to listen to those old, familiar songs that make me feel nostalgic. Music has a way of making me feel things, and I love that about it.


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Planning to a T

Living in the moment or planning to a t?


Green salad

An entire Lasagna or a Green salad?


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French Vanilla latte or a cappucino?

The city

The mountains

hiking the mountains or shopping in the city?

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